Monday, November 15, 1999


Monty Python is a very strange and bewildering show. Watching an episode for the first time can be disorienting with all the llamas, spam, police officers, and cartoons flying around. Being an American watching Monty Python can be even more so. I’m American, and besides the confusion over why I kept seeing a clip of a Viking saying “lemon curry,” I also found myself wondering about the British references. What’s a blancmange? Who is the BBC? What’s a gammy leg? Eventually, I found the answers, which made Monty Python a little more logical. Just a little. That’s why I created the American’s Unofficial Guide to Monty Python. This blog will allow Americans seeing the show to understand some of what's going on. But for stuff like why that woman is squirting whipped cream into her cleavage or why that couple has the number three printed on their backs…you’re on your own.

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